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September 14, 2008

Q&A Bryan Batt
'Mad Men''s Salvatore Romano has a crush
By Amy Matheny

DON DRAPER is not the only ad man on "Mad Men" with a secret. Sterling Cooper art director Salvatore Romano (Bryan Batt) conceals his sexuality from his wife, Kitty (Sarah Drew), and even from himself. Until now. In last week's episode, Romano invited his colleague, Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton), to dinner and flirted with him in front of his own wife. We caught up with Batt, 45, to see what Romano's next move might be.

NYP: What does Sal see in Ken?
Bryan Batt: When Ken describes the Rothko hanging in Cooper's office he sees something that he's never seen before. He explains Abstract Expressionism to Sal in an organic way. He says, "It's more like an emotion." Which I think is deeper, than saying, "Hey, there, cutie."

NYP: Does anything more overt happen?
BB: There is another interaction. It's not what people are going to expect.

NYP: What about Sal's marriage to Kitty, then? Is it just a cover?
BB: Sal is confused on many levels, but he performs his husbandly duties.

NYP: What is Sal's favorite accessory?
BB: His pinky ring. I have a selection of five. There's a garnet ring, a green stone, and black onyx with a gold "S." I call that my Super Sal ring.

NYP: You grew up in New Orleans. What was that like?
BB: It was the best playground you could imagine. My grandfather, Harry Batt Sr., owned an amusement park called Pontchartrain Beach.

NYP: You have a home furnishing store, Hazelnut. How did you get into that?
BB: It was always my second love. I was always redoing my house and helping friends. I would go to the gift shows for fun. My partner, Tom Cianfichi, and I have had [the store] for five years. I help with the buying. But his expertise keeps it going.

-Robert Rorke